Terms and Conditions

At Flights Expert, our mobile applications, tablet or to your illustration, other features specified on our platform, collectively our “Website” or flightsexpert.ca” is envisioned as edifying, secure &customer-friendly portal for all. We aid our customers in dealing with all kinds of travel info and buying travel-related services and goods.

The Purpose of this Agreement

Us, We, or Our “Flights Expert”, and “Flights Expert” refer to Flights Expert.ca. d/b/a Flights Expert.ca.
“Your/You” means as the customer/user of our Website,
“Includes/Including” is named as without any limitation, and
“Bookings” is known as any services or goods (as well as, airline ticket& hotel bookings) held in standby or purchased through our Website.
The facilities that are presented to you accustomed upon your acknowledgment without change of the apparent multitude of terms, conditions and notification put forward.
This Agreement depicts the terms and conditions that is pertinent to the services given by us. It explains client obligations, along these lines, restricting the risk of Flights Expert and its outsider providers or suppliers. It incorporates rental vehicle organizations, carriers, lodgings, and different providers giving Bookings or different set of services through us, such outside parties are all in all alluded to as the "Travel Service Providers").
We request to go through the Terms very cautiously before voyaging. Likewise, read our Privacy Policy (as characterized below), which additionally governs the utilization of our Website. It is fused by reference in this Agreement.
By agreeing to using our set of services, or reaching our calling specialists, you consent to agree to all the Terms and Conditions as relevant. By not agreeing or showing your consent to utilize our services, kindly refrain from your bookings via our Website or through our service specialists.

The above-mentioned Terms might be imperiled to change as and when required. The new and changed Terms will be considered as effective from the date posted and after the period posted on our Website. We recommend you to survey these occasionally for a superior clearness on the services given. At the point when you make a purchase on our site, the Terms authoritative to it will apply. Our significant customer base is in the USA. The accompanying Agreement is applicable to any utilization of the Website, the Services and Bookings produced using the whole of North America. As your area is surveyed using your IP address, kindly ensure it is safe and reliable.

The Use of Website

By utilizing our site www.FlightsExpert.ca, items and services, calling specialists, or something like that, you warrant that-
• You are of the age dominant part in the jurisdiction of your living place;
• You have any or whole legitimate power to initiate bookings for you or other person where they are authorized legally to act
• You will not abuse the Agreement provisos as expressed;
• You will just make genuine Bookings for you or for other individual where the individual is lawfully approved to go about all things considered;
• You will advise all the people about the Terms that apply to the Bookings made for their sake, including all limitations, rules, guidelines and so forth as relevant
• All the data gave to us is precise, valid, current and comprehensive;
• In case that you have an account of Flights Expert, it’s advised to safeguard the information of that account, its usage and more;
• Flights Expert holds the option to deny admittance to the Services we offer to anyone, whenever and under any conditions, including for infringement of the current Agreement.

Resolution to Grievances or Disputes

In case of any issues, related to services or dealings with our privacy policy, all (claims) can be resolved by reaching out to us at - www.Flights Expert.ca. Also, you can call to our Customer Support at our mentioned numbers or even send us an email to: info@caflightsexpert.com. We’d like to hear from you.

Generic Information

We at Flight Experts provide info to our customers related to vacation destinations, flight schedules, travel, travel providers, airfares, tour packages, travel insurance, cruise details, travel providers and more. All required information is collected by us from third-party sources, and it includes hotels, airlines, tour and transportation providers. We do all that is needed and make sure that the information is precise and up-to-date.
Also, it’s important to note that we should not be held responsible for any kind of information and imprecision, as we don’t assure it completely. Moreover, the info provided may or may not change. Similarly, packages &services, travel products are subject to its obtain ability.
Being a traveller, you must catch and comprehend all kinds of legal necessities, associated to travel, which includes visa, passport and health necessities, as pertinent. It is solely your accountability for conforming with visa, passport, health and other related requirements.

Further terms and conditions, as well as conditions and guidelines set out by Travel Service Providers, may be applicable to Bookings ("Additional Terms").
We request you to peruse all the connected Additional Terms cautiously, including any terms that relates to check-in time, payment, baggage fee, availability, cancellation charges and use of other services and products.
If in case, your Booking is made with various Travel Service Providers (for instance, that you are utilizing various aircrafts for various legs of your tour), it would be ideal if you read cautiously each Travel Service Providers’ added Terms.
The decision to concur or follow all such added terms lies with you. Print the entirety of your outbound and return segments of your e-ticket affirmation for all trips before voyaging. You may need to show your return ticket at the time of check-in. Flights Expert.com may offer clients the chance to make bookings for both single direction or a ticket for round trip. For better clearness, every single direction ticket is dependent upon its own limitations, charges, and rules dissimilar to tickets to get there and back.
It’s to note that all or any sort of sudden changes in flight charges or currency change don’t come under our consideration. We advise you to be flexible from beginning till the end. For instance, the amount that your credit card will charge at the time of making airline payment may differ slightly due to currency variations at the time of doing the transactions. Your declaration may also include- ‘an appropriate fee and any valid taxes’ for making intercontinental buying.

International Travel

You are merely accountable to meet or fulfilfar-offtravel documents, entry necessities, but not partial to visas and passports (tourist, business, and transit). Order them and in sync and with the necessities of Global Travel. We request our clienteles to evaluate travel notices, statements, advisories and exclusions, that is issued by the pertinent regimes, prior to booking.
Passport& Visa -Refer to the pertinent Delegation or Embassy to acquire the desired information, if and when you require to. Necessities may variety and you may need to level in for checking informed information, before reservation and exit. We receive no obligation on your side if you refused the entry into a flight or a country due to your concern. This may comprise of all the stops by the airplanes, even if you don’t leave the airport or an aircraft.
Regarding Health–Please get yourself vaccinated beforehand you proceed. Also, the suggested immunizations/inoculations may alter for change according to the country or climatic conditions, etc. Also, get in contact with your doctor or consult them before making your travel plans. It is your accountability to abide by all the health guidelines, and obtain the optional immunizations/medications, prior to going on a trip.
Although, but not usually, most of the countries stand-in the right for disinfections in the aircraft, if there is a professed danger to public health, environment or agriculture.
Service offers don’t approve abolition of travel risks, such as geography, location, weather or climate. Flights expert don’t hold itself accountable for the reparations, subsequent out of such factors.

Airlines Baggage Policy

Booking don’t comprise of carrier luggage fees. You will be charged separately for all such occurrences and necessities.

At the time of check-in

According to the industry standard of the flights, we advise you the following for your registration, prior to your flight.
• Domestic flights: A minimal time of 90 minutes, prior to leaving
• International and trans-border flights: A Minimum of 3 hours’ time, prior to parting


Note that all kinds of “Schedule Changes” (mechanical problems, crew issues, bad weather, civil unrest etc.) stem from the airlines directly.
The airline governing body is liable for customer reservations after you have checked-in for your flight In addition, once you have checked in for your flight (including online), the airline takes control of your reservation. We strongly recommend you to communicate with the airline staff to understand alternative options for an efficient solution. We notify our customers of any such changes to their itinerary via phone, email or any possible means and assist with providing available options based on airline guidelines.
Keep a note that your journey choices may be limited as of any external factor ascending.

A future travel Credit

An FTR or Future Travel Credits is an acknowledgement that airlines issues to its customers and they can redeem it, with subject to certain terms and conditions, with that particular airline to travel in future. This credit will be for a limited timeframe and will also have some usage restrictions.
By agreeing to certain terms and conditions, your FTR or future travel credits shall be issued to you straight from the appropriate airline services.

These Terms & Conditions comprises of:

• Restrictions or Regulations and fare guidelines of airlines
• Future Travel Credits or FTR’s are non-transferable and non-refundable to any other traveller
• Future Travel Credits or FTR’s are only valid with the airlines that originally booked your ticket initially;
• Future Travel Credits or FTR’s may be used in the direction of the new ticket value being either of higher value or equal, that too depending on the airline charge guidelines and your ticket limitations
• It must be re-released and used within the time span, which is permitted by the original guidelines of the carrier through which, the traveller reserved its ticket; and
• Extraor added fee, the variance in fare and routing limits may apply. Above and beyond, in where you are using an FTR or Future Travel Credit, you will be charged with the appropriate additional fees that is set out in Section 13 (Fee Changes) below.

Overbooking of flights

If you are attempting to do an overbooking, then your chances are high of a trip drop to a great degree. In such a scenario or any other circumstances, ‘Booked Modifications’ would be well-thought-out while receiving a confirmed ticket for you.

Price and Booking Confirmation

The Ads on the Website refers to:
An invite to you to make an offer for a Booking, and
is not envisioned to be proposals to vend you Reservations.
Your booking (an “Order”) is convoyed with all types of confirmed info. As soon as you will confirm your order, your ‘ticket’ will be issued with the appropriate‘Travel Service Provider’. You won’t have to pay a single penny, until such order is acknowledged.
Once you’ve given in your order and it has been acknowledged through an email with a title – “Thanks your booking is confirmed” by us or through the concerned ‘Travel Service Provider’.

Other than that, you will get a ‘Booking Notification’ that will provide you with a (Booking ID) or a confirmation number, before your Order is accepted. For instance, beforehand, a ticket is issued). No fee change will be done once the order is accepted and transported in form of a ticket. If the order shows ‘Pending’, then the chances are high that the fee charges might have changed.
The value list showed is subject to change at any point of time, and without earlier notification. We can ensure costs simply after your request has been acknowledged. Carriers and other ‘Travel Service Providers’ may change their costs without giving any prior notice. In the event that your request is forthcoming and the passage gets expanded, you will be counselled in such scenarios, before booking.

Flight & Payment Information

A few banks appropriately charge for global exchanges. For instance, whenever a Booking is done via our Website from outside the country might be changed over by the bank and duty an expense for that conversion. The measure of expenses/charges showing up on your credit or bank card statement might be in your nearby currency and can be not quite the same as the buy amount appeared on the charging outline page for the Booking.
Likewise, a foreign exchange charge might be evaluated if the bank that gave your Visa is situated external the country. Booking worldwide travel through our site might be viewed as a global exchange by the bank or Credit Card Company since flightsexpert.ca may give your payment to a global travel provider.
Your debit or credit card organization or bank decides the money exchange rate and not us. It additionally directs the degree of the foreign exchange charge on the day, it measures the exchange.
We may assist you to directly contact your bank or Credit Card Company for any inquiries about the charges or the conversion scale applied to your exchange. You get an e-ticket too once your ticket has been given. We firmly suggest that you re-affirm any flight booking with the aircraft, 72 hours preceding take-off for global flights.

Request for Meals, Seats and Frequent Travel

All the solicitations for seats, special meals, and long-standing customer demands are subjected to carrier authority's domain. The carriers maintain whatever authority is needed to all such situate distribution and may re-examine the cycle at their will. Consequently, all such demands ought to be made before them. We can't ensure that travellers will be doled out the seats they've mentioned. Moreover, we can't guarantee that your meal/frequent customer/other extraordinary solicitations will be affirmed by the carrier being referred to.

Travel Services and Product Suitability

We don’t take the responsibility or guarantee the applicability of all/any of the travel products we approve. You issue us from any penalties rising out of all such entitlements and services, etc.

Special Discounts and Offers

On picked dates and events, we do make sure to come up with special deals and discounted offers for you. This is appropriate to all the specific services offered by us. Likewise, the terms and conditions are similarly appropriate on all the uncommon offers given and are accessible temporarily period as it were. Kindly reach us or the pertinent Travel Service Provider to decide terms and conditions appropriate to these exceptional offers.

Accompanied Minors

We give tickets or provide our services to the individuals who are of a legitimate age. We only sell tickets to the age-group of 18 or of the legitimate age as chosen by the nation, you live in. Likewise, a few aircrafts may not allow minors to travel alone or permit travel on direct flights as it were. You should comply with all the concerned standards and guidelines for adolescents to fly.

Charge backs on credit cards

You have the power to question accuses of Visa organizations (chargeback’s). You can call us for questions about a charge on your financial record also. You can do this before questioning an accuse of your MasterCard organization.

This helps sort responds to for any inquiries or concerns you may have about our charges. In all cases, we would be working with you in settling your issues and concerns. We hold all the selective rights to debate any sort of chargeback which we regard inappropriate or unsure. Flights Expert likewise holds the rights to completely drop a Booking, in case of a chargeback identified with that Booking.
At the point when you acknowledge and consent to the pertinent cancellation policy when you pick our services. In all cases, we make obvious of the cancellation strategy of each Booking made on our Website.
Flights Expert.com regards the accompanying chargeback situations as inappropriate and holds the option to repudiate or invalidate any such chargeback cases to recuperate costs-
Chargeback’s coming about because of non-cancellable Bookings in the event that Flights Expert.ca or the Travel Service Provider can't give a discount, regardless of whether the Booking is utilized by you.
Chargeback’s coming about because of charges approved by family, companions, partners or other outsiders with direct admittance to you, the Users, and Visa.
Chargeback’s emerging from the Travel Service Provider's inability to deliver an item or a service in a way that is reliable with the Travel Service Provider's item description.
Chargeback’s subsequent from conditions or force majeure or that yonder the control of Flights Expert.ca.

Intellectual property

The whole content (plan, text, illustrations and so forth) is authorized and possessed by us. Al material goes under the domain of the country laws. You are allowed to view, use and copy the pages electronically as well as the content of our Website through the typical and standard utilization of an internet browser as a guest/client of our Website. Some other utilization of our Website and its content, for example, selling, re-posting, distributing, altering, reusing, or publishing, isn't allowed and is carefully denied without the particular composed consent of the owner/s of such material. Any unapproved utilization of our site or its content will infiltrate this agreement and may also invalidate your authorization to utilize our Website. It might likewise disregard copyright and different laws. Certain brand names, business names, service marks, organization names, trademarks, logos, and presentation techniques utilized on our Website are claimed by us or by our licensors. Specifically, we own the brand name "Flights Expert.ca.", which is an enrolled brand name. You don't have any right, permit or authorization to utilize any of the swearing off aside from as explicitly set out in this Section.

Prohibited Activity

While you may make duplicates of your trip agenda (and related archives) or Bookings, you consent not to, in any case change, duplicate, convey, send show, perform, replicate, distribute, permit, inventive subordinate works from, move, or sell or exchange any data, software, services and products acquired from or through our Website. Furthermore, you are not permitted to:
Furthermore, you are not permissible to:
• Make any sort of deceitful, theoretical or bogus requests or Bookings, or make Bookings fully expecting request;
• Use any type of robot, scraper, spider or other robotized means, or comparable manual cycle, for observing, accessing or replicating any of the data or content on our Website without our earlier composed assent;
• Violate limitations on our Website or sidestep or go around other measure utilized to forestall or restrict admittance to our Website;
• Enter any sort of off-base, bogus, misdirecting or erroneous data on our Website;
• Make any type of reservation, booking, or solicitation through our Website without the expectation of utilizing that reservation, booking or solicitation for an authentic trip;
• Use someone else's name, client ID or password to make Bookings or requests on our Website without that individual's earlier consent;
• Imitating or being a fraud to utilize our site;
• Post or send any unlawful, disgusting, revolting, fiery or explicit, compromising, abusive, hostile material or pictures, or some other questionable material that could offer ascent to or bring about common or criminal procedures;
• Use, access our site such that it adversely influences the working of the site and makes it debilitated for different clients/guests
• Tamper, ruin or make unapproved alterations to our Website easing back or influencing the activity of our Website;
• Scrap or delete the information from our Website without our assent or lawful authorization;
• Meaningfully spread malware, infection, or other draining component or threatening software to or through our Website;
• Break the rights or laws of any outsider (which may incorporate protected property, contracts, lawful commitments of privacy or nondisclosure) while using or visiting our Website;
• Frame our Website as a major aspect of another site, or reserve our Website for business addition or advantage;
• Masquerade/cover up/veil the inception of the gadget/or IP address information being communicated through our Website; or
• Knowingly allow or permit someone else to do any of the above demonstrations.
• If you are found abusing any of the set of principles, or are found breaking any law, your utilization of our site gets denied and further endeavour to utilize our services or site will be considered as intruding. You could likewise confront legitimate activity strategy and we may accept it according to the law, guidelines and guidelines.

Indemnification Clauses

You consent to repay and protect ‘its Travel Service Providers’ and any of their chiefs, representatives and specialists and so on from and against any misfortunes, harms, claims, reasons for activity, requests, recuperations, fines, punishments, or different expenses and costs of any sort or nature including sensible lawful and accounting charges brought by third parties because of:
You breaking any of the significant Terms; or
If in case, you are found disregarding any law or the privileges of an outsider; or
Your unlawful utilization of our Website.


You liberate us from questions which may emerge out of your communication with hotels, aircrafts, consolidators, tour operators, journey lines, railroad authority and so forth, you travel in. Our specialists, auxiliaries, joint endeavors, representatives, officials, chiefs, will undoubtedly engage every such case, requests and harms (genuine and noteworthy) of any sort and nature, known and obscure.

Your Privacy

Flights Expert.ca is consistently enthused about ensuring your protection. Please click here for our present (the "Protection Policy") Privacy Policy, which likewise oversees the utilization of our Website for clients. It contains all the data is gathered utilized, and revealed through the Services.


Our site content is accessible (any place relevant) at no additional expense. We make, to the degree allowed by pertinent law, no guarantees, conditions or portrayals, express or inferred, to you or someone else or element with respect to the exactness, results, idealness, culmination, merchantability, qualification for a specific reason in regards to our Website. We additionally don't warrant all the services and products or data completely.

All inferred guarantees, conditions and portrayals to the greatest degree allowed by law, including, without restriction, suggested guarantees that the services and products being offered, sold and given through our Website will be of merchantable quality, or are good for any reason or consent to the depictions and tests showed on our Website are renounced by us.

All the related gatherings, for example, air transporters and other ‘Travel Service Providers’ giving travel/other services are self-employed entities and not operators or representatives of flightsexpert.ca. We are not at risk for the breach, acts, mistakes, exclusions, carelessness, portrayals, guarantees, of any such Travel Service Provider, including for any Future Travel Credit, or for any close to home wounds, passing, property harm, or different harms or costs coming about in this manner.

Under no condition, we assume the liability or obligation towards making a discount in case of any postponement, abrogation, strike, overbooking, power majeure or different causes outside direct ability to control, and are not answerable for any extra costs, exclusions, delays, re-steering or demonstrations of any administration or authority.

By no means will our total obligation, or that of our suppliers or wholesalers, surpass the all-out charges set out in the schedule. As allowed by appropriate law, any case or reason for activity coming about because of, or identifying with, your entrance and utilization of, or acquisition of products or potentially benefits from, the Site must be brought to see inside one (1) year from the date on which such case or activity emerged or gathered or buy was finished. The danger of utilizing the site rests with you.
According to the appropriate law, it may not permit the restriction or prohibition of the obligation of coincidental or significant harms, so the above impediment or avoidance may not concern you. We are a middle person or going about as an operator for suppliers of movement related items and additionally benefits by advancing, selling/accepting Bookings for such products or potentially benefits, (for example, air and ground transportation, inn facilities, dinners, visits, travels, travel protection, and so forth).
No part, investors, workers, operators, officials, or different agents will be held at risk for incapability of utilizing the site for services and products offered, advanced or sold on or through our Website. This constraint of obligation covers the harms of any sort, including immediate, indirect, exceptional compensatory or significant harms; loss of information, salary or benefit; loss of or harm to property; individual injury; and cases of third parties.

in the case of services: the supply of the services again; or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.
Our accountability is restricted if any guarantees suggested by law can't be barred, for infringement of such guarantees is restricted, to the degree allowed by relevant law, at our alternative, to:
on account of products: the substitution of the services and products or equal products; or the instalment of the expense of supplanting or procuring identical items;
the supply of services and once more; or the instalment of the expense of having the services provided once more.

Communicating through Our Website

You can contact us through our site. Additionally, you can connect with us in different manners also. It’s important to note that your accommodation of content of any structure by means of email, postings, thoughts, hotel reviews, recommendations, questions, recordings, photographs award us the position to an eminence free, ceaseless, unavoidable, non-elite, and completely sub-licensable right to-
Re-publish, make, use, re-form, alter, adjust, decipher, translate, subordinate works from and freely show and perform such Submissions in any media anyplace on the planet and;
employ the name that you defer to concerning such Submission. You recognize that Flights Expert.ca may select or give attribution of your remarks or surveys at our circumspection.
You further award us the option to seek after at law any individual or element that abuses your or our privileges in the Suggestions by Terms' disruption codes.
You assent that Submissions are non-secret and non-proprietary. You forgo any 'ethical rights' (counting privileges of attribution or honesty) that may remain active in your Submissions and you have no issue with the alteration, cancellation, distribution, use or misuse of your Submissions by us.
We are not the slightest bit mindful and are not obligated for any Submissions submitted or posted by you.
We have no commitment to post your remarks and maintain the optional authority to decide the sort and number of remarks distributed on the Website.
Your non-consent to the understanding conditions renders you invalid for submitting content. Additionally, the accountability of the content lies with you.
You’re restricted from transmitting or posting from/to this Website:
any disparaging, foul, explicit, unlawful, undermining, slanderous, or other content or material abusing the privileges of exposure or law
Anything identifying with business content or material (counting requesting of assets, publicizing, or advertising of any services or products); and
any such content or material that encroaches, misuses or abuses any copyright, brand name, patent right or other exclusive right of any outsider.
Any outcome emerging of such occasion would be your duty and we may unpublished, erase or eliminate the content, without informing you. All the single one-time entries are qualified for use by us. It could be an ongoing audit or photographs submitted and so forth.


We hold the rights to connect our site to different sites on the net. We do this to facilitate the cycle for advantageously assisting clients to investigate diverse travel alternatives on the web. It doesn't imply that we underwrite the site, its products and services.
Further, we may or may check the content of any site to which we connect our site to. Additionally, we bear no duty at all for the content of any connected site at all. It would be ideal if you be wary of the sites you discover links, you select or software, you download. Guarantee it on your side that the site is liberated from things like defects, Trojan horse infections, worms, and different things of a damaging sort. We are not at risk or dependable, or to be considered responsible for any such caused misfortune or harms from visiting or working with any such connected site/business.


We save the restrictive and approved rights for altering, dropping, accessing or ending the whole arrangement amongst us. Additionally, we reserve the privileges to deny access or drop benefits that are found breaking any of the terms and conditions applied. All the rights for getting to, dropping, altering, or ending this understanding untruths exclusively with us. In case, if you are found to infringing any of the terms and conditions as expressed by us, we maintain whatever authority is needed to deny access or drop the advantages as given by us.

Our Relationship

We are assured as product and service suppliers and our relationship survives from that of a client and an organization of which you need to utilize administrations of. No other relationship, for example, joint endeavour, business representative office, association, franchisor-franchisee and so forth exists among you and us. Also, no such cases will be engaged.

Customer Query Corner

If you any queries in your mind, you can directly reach out to us at info@caflightsexpert.com. Messaged notice will be considered to host been gotten by the accepting party 24 hours after the email was sent except if the sending party gets electronic notice that the getting email address is invalid or in any case that the email was not delivered to or gotten by the recipient.


Any or a wide range of invalid, non-force able, or non-adjusting deviation whether regarding terms of rules and policy will be stricken and taken care of. There will be no change on other outstanding requirements, terms and rules. These all will continue as before and will be viewed as viable.
The headings utilized in these Terms are for reference tenacities as it were. We would not be viewed as inadequate or idle on the off chance that we don't comprise a waiver of desecrated terms and conditions. Additionally, it would not disable our entitlement to make a move because of comparable circumstances, infringement or the sort.
The expression "site" in our agreement expressed incorporates email notices, our claimed or purchased content that we may give to you in all the potential manners from our site.